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Clearly technology has changed and continues to change our lives, both personally and at our jobs. Meeting and Event Planners confront this all the time.  We hear about every kind of technology or whiz bang gadget. I personally love to use technology.

But, before I recommend a technology for a client event I ask is this appropriate, the most effective use of technology for your event? Think of the following when selecting a technology for your meeting or event:

  • Will the technology improve attendee engagement?
  • Will the technology make the event production process easier and better?
  • Will the technology use a lot of bandwidth?
  • Does the venue have enough bandwidth for the technology?
  • Will you have someone on site to troubleshoot in case some attendees can’t figure out how to use the technology?

This last issue is one that I personally confronted, when I attended a small event where a scavenger hunt type of app was  to be used. Not only I, but several others couldn’t figure out what we were to do. I can’t blame this on the app, but I do blame it on the planning folks as they needed to explain and demonstrate how to use this app.  Many attendees were frustrated.Although this is not a typical scenario, just be careful that you and your staff know how to use a technology and if it is something new and different there must be someone that can explain it to everyone.

Here are two links to some interesting and helpful articles regarding technology:

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