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Handling Social Media For Your Meeting

Who is Doing It!

When companies and associations began to use social media to promote their meetings and events they generally enlisted someone in the company that was known to use Twitter or Facebook frequently to help the marketing department promote the event via social media. This was generally a hit and miss situation.

As social media has matured. (Can you believe that I’m saying that it has matured?) there are those who have honed their marketing and social media skills and they are becoming social media experts. Some are able to develop a plan using their marketing skills tied in with their new social media skills to promote events and meetings very successfully.

They have discovered that there has to be a plan just like everything else that is successful. They also discovered that the word “social” is very important. Therefore they must engage their audience. This means developing and engaging in online conversations about the event. Most people will feel like a stake holder with this conversation and not only want to attend, but will help you promote the event by “liking” posts, re-tweeting,  sharing and adding to conversations. Once your potential audience is engaged, they will feel a sense of bonding and want to register for that event.

This doesn’t mean that social media is a free way to promote. Not at all! Of course, there are savings rather than printing, mailing, etc., but a clever, and well organized social media marketer can be worth his or her weight in gold.

Remember – Marketing an Event Via Social Media Means:

  • Plan
  • Social
  • Engage
  • Conversation