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Pat’s Top Ten Meetings and Events Concepts, Apps and Gadgets Picks of 2012

There have been many technology concepts and gadgets introduced in 2012, for the meetings and events industry that make a meeting planner’s life so much more productive and easier. Note, that this is not just a list of apps, but also includes concepts and technologies being used and for use in our industry. Clearly my list of great concepts, apps and gadgets could be much longer, therefore, If, after reading the list, you would like to add some of your own, please do in the comments section below.

  1. Hybrid Meetings to extend the reach of an event and to engage virtual attendees
  2. Webcasts to extend the reach of an event
  3. Using iPad /iPhone Apps to check in guests- Check in Easy and Event Farm
  4. Digital Signage  (around for awhile, but finally being used frequently)
  5. Using iPhone Apps for audience polling – ResponseWare and Floop
  6. Putting That Huge Meeting Binder on your iPad – Evernote and DropBox
  7. Online Collaboration l- Google Drive, DropBox and YouSendIt
  8. Event Profs  Chats using Google Hangouts
  9. Using Social Media before, during and post events to engage attendees and to extend the reach of an event
  10.  Crowdsourcing finally being used more frequently to help develop meeting objectives and content and engage potential attendees
  11. I had to add an 11th….. The Cloud. Very important and definitely being used more and more. Most of the the good ideas above are Cloud Based.


To All, A Very Happy New Year.


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