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When people ask what type of event production or management is your  specialty,  it’s probably because they feel that theirs is unique from any others. Definitely, every event is unique. Even if it’s the same event that you planned or produced last year, it is different. Why?

Although the elements may be the same, nothing else should be taken for granted, as everything is different. The time is now probably a year later and who knows what in the universe has changed. Possibly people’s outlook, their mood, new information about the topic or industry, some new key players, a different assortment of attendees contribute to the uniqueness.

Now, to the question of how, for instance is, a Gala Awards Event different than, an opening Plenary Session, or a Celebrity Keynote, or possibly a Concert?

Clearly they are different in appearance, but all the planning and production elements are there.

Remember, event planning, event production and event management requires skilled professionals to execute the event seamlessly.Plan, plan, and plan, of course. Appropriate venue, lighting, sound, staging, visuals, room layout and design, logistics, scripting or story-boarding, timeline. All are essential, but not necessarily in order of importance.