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We’re always looking for new ways and good ways to help us produce a better meeting or event. We also love to leverage technology where we can.

Here a couple that I recently heard about and have checked out.

This website is really cool. http://byobooth.com/ is a photo booth platform based on Instagram. According to their website, “you pick a hashtag for your event. BYO Booth monitors Instagram for photos matching that hashtag and automatically prints and adds them to the slideshow.”  This certainly helps to engage attendees! There’s more than that, too. So check them out.

The next one is an app that I’ve heard about more than once, so I finally checked them out. Per their website they offer “custom social media dashboards that engage event audiences.” Event organizers can display live tweets on large screens and attendees can send tweets directly. Of course, very important, you can moderate the tweets.

We know how important it is too engage our audience and  this app helps to do that and it seems pretty simple. I love the fact that you can have dashboards for your attendees as well as large screen dashboards. Who could ask for anything more! The website is http://refynr.com/

If you have a great app that you’d like us to know about, please comment or email me directly at pahaesy@pnventerprises.com.