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We all know (or should) that a meeting/event planner creates a production time line **for the event. This begins from the very beginning of planning, right up to the day of the event. It is very important to do this, but do you share this time line with your partner vendors? I don’t mean simply mentioning a few deadlines, but sharing the actual document? If not, it would be very helpful to vendors to see them, as it not only helps them meet those deadlines but also helps to see where they fit into the bigger picture.  One does affect the other.

Vendor partners also create a time line based on what they’ve now learned from your timeline, in order for their team to be able to do their job. Of course, your vendor partner will share that timeline with you.

This does sound like a partnership, doesn’t it! Clearly, the vendor is part of your team that enables you to have a successful meeting or event. Sharing what you are doing and planning in a timely manner will enable a positive outcome.

** Corbin Ball has some examples of timelines on his website: www.corbinball.com