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I Blogged About The Idea of “Thinking Differently” Awhile Back.

Since that blog was written, I’ve been  wondering how does thinking differently affect one personally and the bottom line of your events business? Notice, by the way, that I don’t use the term “thinking out of the box”. That is such an over-used phrase, that it would be quite obvious, that you’re not. Thinking differently, for my company and myself does affect me personally and definitely affects my business. From a personal perspective, when I do think differently, I feel exhilarated and have a sense of freedom and creativity. This is very important, especially when confronted with a situation when planning or producing a meeting or event where you are shall I say “overly challenged’ by circumstances, budget, indecisive stakeholders, etc. Thinking differently has a major requirement, though, and that is you must be able to be flexible and not have a great deal of angst during the process. As a highly regarded artist once told us, “There’s always another answer”. This, I feel, is critical to learning differently. Don’t be afraid to be “wrong”. Only math class has right or wrong answers. Creating an event is different. Of course, event design and production has budget constraints, time constraints and the need for stakeholder approval. These elements obviously affect your “thinking differently”. Part of thinking differently, though, as I mentioned two paragraphs ago, that one must be flexible and not give up just because the budget doesn’t allow something or the stakeholder isn’t sure, etc. This is where you really need to think and adjust your creative idea. Yes, you can do it! How does this affect your business? Very positively. You will be known as a thinker, a creative person and a problem solver. As you’re able to be flexible and adjust your ideas, your clients will think that you’re quite extraordinary. It would be fun to share some of your experiences “thinking differently”.