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When I was a child, a leader in my eyes, was someone like The President of the United States, or my favorite grade school teacher. Recently, I saw a quote from a Forbes Magazine writing and that let me to think as an adult, what does it mean to be ia great leader. My childhood ideas of a leader were fine, but what about in my day to day live as an event and meeting planner. Thinking along the lines of events and meetings and all those that I work with closely and not so closely, what would make an event manager, an event producer, or a hotel sales manager, a good leader? I queried the members of the MECO list, the online community and here are some of the responses as well as the Forbes Magazine quote that got me thinking. The last quote is from my friend, Jane Wesman.

1- Great leaders believe in the practical power of focusing on hope and building community. Erika Anderson,  Forbes Magazine

2- The art of positively influencing others to unite in a common direction and guiding them to improve themselves and their community. Nichole R. Ballard  YesEvents

3- A leader is someone who is open-minded enough to hear all opinions and points of view…but decisive enough to make the tough decisions! Lisa L. Dyson, CMP Director of Conference Services TESOL International Association

4- A leader is someone who empowers those around him with the tools and knowledge to make each person successful all working towards a common goal.  Kerrie Van Horn  Director of Marketing  Chase Center on the Riverfront

5- Leadership is the process of creating an environment in which people become empowered. Adrian Segar I design and facilitate participant-driven and participation-rich events.

6- Being a Thoughtful Leader means looking both inward and outward for answers, whether you’re trying to solve a large, general problem like surviving the recession or a smaller, specific one like collecting a debt.  To be a Thoughtful Leader, you need to have a deep understanding of yourself and what drives you, while at the same time viewing your work as being part of a bigger whole, as a mixture of synergies that involves many other people.  You may be the creative force behind your company, but you need other people to make it a success.   – Jane Wesman, Wesman Public Relations