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A Teleconference, a Videoconference, a Webinar, and a Webcast are Often Used Interchangeably and Possibly Incorrectly

Webinar? Webcast? Teleconference or Videoconference? Choosing the right tool can be overwhelming, but it is critical in order to gain the results that you need. There is quite a bit of confusion about what each of these is and often the terms are used interchangeably, thus causing and adding to the confusion. We must think about what kind of multi-media communication we need for our event. What sort of graphics or video will we need to display on the screen? Does the video stream need to integrate with other communication tools or can it stand alone? Does it need to be live, on-demand or both?

Here are some of the most common terms and the differences between them according to the Merriam – Webster Onlilne Dictionary:
1.Webinar – web·i·nar – a live online educational presentation during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments Origin of WEBINAR – web + seminar – First Known Use: 1998
2 Web·cast – Web – cast – a transmission of sound and images (as of an event) via the World Wide Web
To use the Internet to broadcast live or delayed audio and/or video transmissions, much like traditional television and radio broadcasts. For example, a university may offer on-line courses in which the instructor Webcasts a pre-recorded or live lecture, or an enterprise may Webcast a press conference in lieu of or in addition to a conference call.
3. Videoconferencing – Vid·eo·con·fer·enc·ing – the holding of a conference among people at remote locations by means of transmitted audio and video signals First Known Use of VIDEOCONFERENCING – 1977
4. Virtual conferencing: is becoming more and more common. Participants are given an avatar and can move throughout the room interacting by chat, voice, view recordings and live presentations.

By defining our terms, we can choose the right tool for our teams.
Confused even more? As more and more developers create software and hardware for all types of conferencing the definitions become more fuzzy.
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