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Event and meeting planners, I believe, are utilizing technology for their events more and more. Clearly, we’re seeing iPads replacing those big binders, but there are so many more uses.

iPads can be used for polling systems. Checking the App Store, you’ll find several. One that looks particularly easy to use is by ResponseWare, another is called eClicker. You should look through the App Store searching for “polling” and you’ll find several.

To avoid having a speaker talk beyond the time allowed, so your meeting status on schedule, most of us have a staff person stand in the back or side of the room holding up. Apiece of paper with a countdown, showing 10 mi Tues, Then anther with five and so on.

Why not use the iPad App, Talk Timer, that counts down the time for your speaker. You’ll find this really easy to use and so helpful.

If guest check-in for your events is difficult try Checkin Easy. You upload your Excel File and check people in, and then you can sync the file when you’re done. I haven’t checked to see if you can use this with one of the major registration systems, but it’s worth checking out.
Recently I helped a museum on site with check-ins and they were using this App and I thought that it was pretty cool. This was an event that didn’t require pre-registration and made their Development Department’s job so much easier.

Are you the one who ends up taking notes at your committee-meeting, department meeting, and pre-con? A great note -taking App that allows you to draw, create lists and of course, take notes is Meeting Box. This touches just a few of the many Apps to use for meetings. If there are any others that you’d like to share, please do! Or if you would love an App that could help you do a particular task, post that request and maybe someone will have an answer.