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So often I speak with event or conference planners about their annual or monthly events. What I hear is that they’ve been doing the same thing over and over month after month, year after year.  Certainly, some things need to be the same, but maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the programs that you’ve been doing. Are they becoming lackluster? Has attendance fallen, are attendee survey results show a decline in results? Quite frankly, are you feeling down trodden from anticipation of your next conference or event?

 Lately, I’ve been speaking and writing about “thinking differently”. Don’t feel that I’ve been doing this mindlessly, though. As I talk with planners, read blogs, listservs, Tweets, etc. it seems that in spite of talk of new technologies, un-conferences, event camps, web casting, etc. most are stuck in a rut.

Why? Is it because:

  • you are bored?
  • you’re concerned about change & rocking the boat?
  • you’re underpaid & don’t want to put another ounce into the meeting?
  • no one but you seems to care?
  • it works out anyway?
  • you feel that no one is interested in trying something different.
  • you and the powers that be are afraid that making changes will cost too much money.
  • no one is willing to sit down and strategize?
  • budgets have been slashed
  • Is it because ____________________?

Let’s start a conversation about this.