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Recently I wrote about the stage incidents where the rigging was blown down by high winds and asking about responsibility.

Hurricane Irene hit the northeast US over the weekend, causing extensive damage to many areas, but leaving others just fine. For instance in my part of New York City, we had wind and a lot of rain, but were just fine. Other sections, close to the water didn't fare so well.

However, both Governor Cuomo of NY and Governor Christie of NJ took heed to the weather forecast and ordered evacuation of low lying areas in each state. National guard, fire departments and volunteers were enlisted to help people evacuate and go to shelters set up specifically for this or to friends and family in safe places.

Dave Matthews concerts were cancelled and you know how popular Dave Matthews is! It was a wise decision.

Here I go again, ranting that deciding to cancel or postpone an event, no matter how much trouble that is, is far better than injuries or death. In the case of the hurricane, all transport was shut down, so if there was an indoor or outdoor event, no one could get there. Best to cancel or postpone.

In many cases these are difficult decisions, as there are dollars, people, venues, equipment involved. Mayor Bloomberg, of New York City, also was prudent and had people evacuate in low lying areas. As he said after the hurricane, although it wasn't as bad as anticipated, he was glad that he took the precautions with the city that he did because event meteorologists have a tough time predicting how a hurricane will move and whether it will increase or decrease.

If you plan corporate or social events, take heed and consider contingency planning no matter what.