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We have just returned from INFOCOMM with great new ideas and knowledge.

First, though, here's a rundown on what we saw and trends that we noticed.

1- Digital signage and touchscreens signs are the way to go

    There are companies specializing in digital signage and companies specializing in setting up the network for these. Because of this        many IT Professionals have become a big part of this community.

2- Video Walls galore! They are in all sizes and shapes and have multi     faceted uses.

Curved Video wall

3. Several interactive whiteboards to be used for Training. There were many versions and levels of sophistication. Along with the whiteboards there were video projectors with mirrors to provide a super wide angle image without keystoning!

4. 3D Projection and 3D Monitors, both with glasses. These seem great   at a Tradeshow Booth, as well as very useful in medical education.

5. Telepresence was big at the show. This is for video conferencing and the way it seems to be done, does seem to allow for the feeeling of meeting face to face. The feeling of "being there" also does comes from the conference room set up.

6. Live Web Streaming. Several companies offered hardware and software solutions. Vince and I are very interested in this. More about our findings and what we decide to offer in a future blog.

Three other things that I found intriguing was projection from within a globe, robots, and image blending.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


Blending is when using a wide screen (I mean really wide!) and blending the images of several projectors so that the final image is seamless. It's very striking. I was reminded that way back in the days of Multi Image Slides, blending was the hot trend and I remember, seeing my partner, Vince, create a Multi Image Slide Show using blending. It showed a wave move across the wide screen. The audience at this National Meeting, had no idea how the illusion was created and were blown away. The compliment was "great movie". This technique has come full circle and is used in video projections. Video blending as well as picture in picture have been around for several years, but now more companies offer this spectacular upgrade.

Although not related to meetings, we saw a robot with a self contained video camera and screen. We were told that the use is for the medical profession. It was suggested for family who are not able to visit a hospice patient.

However, what if the robot could be integrated into a meeting allowing Q & A to be covered on the I-Mag Screens.