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Of course I believe that a well planned and produced event is a perfect marketing tool. However, you must first define the Overall Goals and Objectives for you could find that your objectives don't meet the criteria for holding an event! 

  • Is an event the best/most appropriate way to achieve goals (versus, for example, a press release or other targeted communication)?
  • What are the key goals/objectives of this event? Specifically, what is the desired outcome and what do you want your guests to take away from this experience?
  • What is the long-term value of the activity to your organization?

If you can't answer these questions so that it appears that an event is the way to go, you had better find another way of communicating or marketing.It is far wiser to spend your marketing budget appropriately.

However, if the answer to the first question suggests an event, then be sure that you have answers to the second and third as well. If you don't know why or where you're going you will have a very difficult time getting there.

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