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I just finished reading an article in the Real Estate Section of the NY TImes Sunday paper.The article had nothing to do with event production or event planning and management. However, it was relevant to me.

It seems, according to the article,  that the really large real estate brokerages are not the way to go.The theory is that the smaller brokerages are the better way.

The reasons given, I feel, corrolate with event production and management companies as well:

  • Transparency
  • Showers the client with individual attention
  • More creative and nimbler
  • Responsive to a changing market
  • Service is better and personal attention greater at a little firm
  • Client’s relationship is usually with a single person
  • Faster answers to things, quicker resolution to things

In my opinion, these factors should make it easier for the very busy planner or marketing person that contracts an event production or event management firm. It should also be a sigh of relief for the less experienced planner as they are receiving lots of personal attention and therefore will feel more secure. Heck, I imagine tht the busy experienced planner or PR person would like that, too!