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Virtual Meetings are here. Yes, we agree. They’re here to stay. This, however, does not mean that Face-To-Face Meetings are going away. They, too, are here too stay.  Hybrid Meetings are with us as well.

We find that more and associations are having Hybrid Meetings and that trend is growing. This extends their reach and seems to influence virtual attendees in a way that, although the virtual experience is terrific for learning, they are human beings and miss that human contact…. The hand shake…. The smile…. Those nuances that can only be gained by face – to – face.

Besides being a cost savings for attendees, and a method to maintain interest, virtual and hybrid meetings certainly do offer those “green” advantages. Another “green” idea for face-to –face events, according to the latest BizBash publication received in the mail the other day, showed a “green way to power events” with Spirit of the Sun Solar Systems, solar powered generator. It requires 4-5 hours of sun to provide enough power for at least 3 days use! Event producers and planners need to think about using solar powered energy where possible. http://www.pnventerprises.com/staging.html


While on site, have you every found out that you must scan a document http://www.pnventerprises.com/contracts.html

 and email it to another time zone before their office closes, but it’s 11:00 pm and the Business Center is closed? I have no idea why Hotel Business Centers aren’t open the hours that we really need them, but since there not, there’s an app that can scan your document on your SmartPhone so you can email it. The app is called, Scanner Pro.


Hope you find these useful.