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There are bloggers in the events and meetings industry who are far more prolific than I. Last week, I had so much that I wanted to write about and yet, couldn't narrow that down to one topic.

That's not the case today, however. This past week, saw Las Vegas chock full of conventions, including the Consumer Electronics Show and the PCMA Conference,Convening Leaders and finally The Virtual Edge Summit that was co-located with PCMA.

My first observation is how smart for PCMA and The Virtual Edge to co-locate. My second observation, how smart too offer some sessions virtually, especially as this shows our industry that our industry embraces this and is really good at producing a vitual meeting in a seamless professional way. I wish that I could have been there to see and hear the sessions, to learn and most of all, to meet face to face with colleagues from around the country and around the world. Some of these colleagues are people with whom I've worked but most are people that I've met virtually. I've been fortunate to meet some face to face, but not all that I would like.

Speaking of virtual meetings and events which are, as you know, becoming more and more prevalent. That's not say that there are no live face to face meetings, because the virutal events are from live fact to face meeting. This is what differentiates what I think is excellent from some of the web based applications that appear to me, someone who is distracted easily, flat and boring.

Today, I read an online article of interest about virtual meetings:

How to Create a Virtual Event

David Bashford, Director, SITEFORUM

David Bashford, Director of SITEFORUM

The value of traditional live events remains unarguable. But the benefits of building an online presence to run in tandem with an event cannot be ignored, and just as almost every organisation, business or community should have an online presence, so too should But how can they support a live event?

Click on the link for the entire article: