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Finding a reputable audio visual or technical  production company can be difficult. The services and equipment offered may vary significantly between production companies, as can the price.

Areas to investigate when deciding on hiring a technical producer or production company:

 Past and current clients – an impressive list of established and high end companies

 Testimonials of past events –

 Examples of past events- http://tinyurl.com/34v2lhp

 Offer of a site visit – a company who is willing to make a site visit to your event venue will have a better idea of your requirements and will be familiar with the venue prior to the event enabling them to create a more accurate proposal

 Value not price – The quotes you receive may vary significantly in price but look at them in terms of the level of service offered.

Compare the  equipment offered and whether a technician or technicians are  due to remain on site.

 A team of qualified technicians is invaluable over the course of your event bringing an experienced and cool head to a high pressure situation. Check with any companies you are considering whether technicians  and how many are included in your quote.

 Overall a professional technical production or AV production company can not only make the production of your event better but also means that your time and effort can be directed to other areas of your event  You will be able to have a seamless and stressfree event.