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Often we think of professional event production as a major event and an expensive one, but that's not necessarily so. Here's proof:

Noodling around the web today, I found the following article from Meetings-Conventions.com really valuable. So often when I read cost saving tips, they're either very tacky or unrealistic. However the article, by Michael C. Lowe, "Creative ways to save on venues, F&B, activities and more" is realistic and not at all tacky.

Two of the tips that I partciularly like are: BYOB. Yes, pay the corkage fee and supply your own liquor. Compared to the per drink price or per person per hour price, the corkage fee plus your case cost for liquor  is a bargain. The secon tip that I think is great, is to use a bit of theatrics that cost absolutely nothing. Have the chef come out during the meal and introduce him and ask him/her to walk around the room to briefly chat at each table. People are always impressed with this. Ask for the waitstaff to be standing in two lines at the door as guests walk in. This is an impressive look and again, costs nothing.

Read the rest of the tips at:


The more that we can help our client's with a little wow and a lot of savings, the more valuable we are.

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