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This is an important questions.

Do you use Audience Response Systems because

a-it's "cool"?

b- a sponsor wanted to pay for it? 

c- you want valuable information?

d- you want to encourage interactivity?

The correct answers are c & d.

Here are some simple tips for best practices using AUDIENCE RESPONSE SERVICES 

Effective Audience Response questions challenge each member of the audience on his/her own experience or practical application of knowledge. Careful wording will ensure meaningful results.

ARS questions should be:

  • Brief – Create questions that can be grasped quickly. Provide only as many response choices as needed for your intended purpose.
  • Worthwhile – The audience will become restless and dismiss questions that are too obvious, superficial, or unimportant.
  • Clear – Carefully edit questions to assure maximum clarity.
  • Intriguing – Audiences like to be engaged and challenged; don’t be afraid to cause controversy.
  • Personalized – Questions should be relevant to the individuals in to the group.


P&V Enterprises uses Ubiqus as our vendor when we're asked to provide ARS as part of our event production. With over 30 years of experience, they recommended the above helpful writing tips.

Please contact me if you have questions or feel free to comment on my blog.