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Have you
attended an event or meeting and couldn’t see the speaker or performers very
well, because either, there was no stage or the stage was not high enough? What
a waste of time and talent to have an event without the right staging.  I wouldn’t want to be at a $500 dinner
and not be able to see the entertainment or the honoree. Would you?


The right
staging not only adds drama, enables the audience to see, but also protects
against mishaps that could stop the show. Having the right performers onstage
is important, but having the right stage is more important.


will design a fabulous look, a set, and décor, but the biggest mistake event
planners make when using staging? “Not supporting the stages properly with
enough legs and braces. Failure to give whomever — or whatever — enough support
onstage could mean that the stage collapses and it has happened.


 However, this is where a trusting
partnership between planner and professional technical event production company
comes into play. Your producer would discuss with you, everything that is
happening in the room, the entire program. He or she will ask questions regarding what is to happen on the stage in order to plan for the right stage.

If you’re
having a dance troupe on stage you must have a properly supported stage, quite
different than if you were having a single speaker.


Once there
is an understanding, most people are willing to spend a bit more for the
security and safety of solid footing and talented professional installers.