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When I blogged in this event production blog about thinking out of the box, I received some positive comments via email. Professional technical production is more challenging than ever due to lower budgets and severe scrutiny over budgets.

Last night we finally watched Johnny Depp in one of my childhood favorites,  "Alice in Wonderland". This film is so creative. The story was still there, with the rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the mean Queen of Hearts,  the good White Queen, the caterpillar who keeps asking Alice who she is, and the wonderful Cheshire cat. However, the approach and presentation was absolutely charming and creative.

The fusion of real actors with computer animation was breathtaking. This a different type of technical production than live staged events, but it does make me think about new ways to approach a live meeting or event.

Perhaps a speaker on stage appearing as holograph, or being "beamed' ala Star Trek. Perhaps creating an environment with LED lighting affects.

OK, this is a corporate Keynote. Must it be a person in a dark suit, standing behind a podium, reading his speech, with the Power Point behind him, displaying bullet points that are exactly what he is saying?

Why can't the speaker enter the stage in a different way. If he's important enough to be the keynote, why not make the entrance important. Perhaps the idea of a hologram was a bit much but lighting effects, video, Grand Entrance March, etc. could do wonders to set this person apart. This isn't a cop out at all as it does requires precise timing, rehearsal and technical logistics to work well.

Be creative. If you're not, that's fine. Talk with your technical producer or technical director. Tell him/her what your objective is. Most will welcome the invitation to be creative and strategize with you. I know that we do, because working with a client this way, the outcomes are usually beyond expectations.