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Why do I belong to professional associations? I learn so much from my colleagues in the associations. Of course, I don't just pay dues and expect miracles, I am involved in varying degrees in each association and that involvement changes from year to year. .

This year my involvement included ISES, MPI and online, MeCo and MiForum. Each is terrific in its unique way. I get new ideas, find out about new products and often better ways to do things. 've made wonderful friends around the country, and can call on them when I need a vendor, a suggestions, etc.

Recently, though, I learned about a wonderful group that has been around a very long time, and raises money for various charities. It's biggest fundraiser is called "A Night of A Thousand Gowns" and the group, The Imperial Court of NY, did a great job raising money once again, this past March. The members plan the event themselves and they are completely volunteer driven. 
They were a finalist at The 2010 NY Metro ISES Chapter's Big Apple Awards. Check out their website.     www.icny.org/