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A  close friend and colleague and Past President of MPIGNY, Laurie Meyer, passed away last fall. She was dearly loved by many many people in our industry as she was a real people person and loved being with friends. She owned a speakers bureau and was well known at NSA.

The MPIGNY Past Presidents felt that they wanted to honor her and finally did so on April 29th. Several of the Past Presidents got together and although not a Past President, and asked myself and my husband to produce for them.

We were honored to do so.

Laurie, for the last 2 or 3 years had decided she wanted to try to be a stand up comic, took comedy performance classes and finally had several gigs at clubs around town, including places like the famed "Don't Tell Mama".  Therefore, what better way to celebrate our friend's life, but in a comedy club! The venue, Comix, was selected, folks who knew her were invited to participate either by saying a few words, singing, doing stand-up, etc.

We edited down a video of her premier performance, created a PowerPoint of photos, etc, and of course called the show.

Walk in music was "New York, New York", as Laurie was the consummate New Yorker. We heard funny stories, songs customized for the occasion, including  "Hello Laurie" sung to "Hello Dolly", 

Of course, no celebration is possible without good food and drink and there was plenty of that.

Most of all, the evening was sweet and warm, with fond memories and good friends getting together.

As an aside, this isn't the first time, that we've been involved in a celebration like this. We have found be the event production partner for a celebration of life is very  rewarding as the event generally is not sad, but brings great joy to everyone.