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I watched the entire Steve Jobs presentation at the Developers Conference for the introduction of the iPad. It's not just a geeky widget, it is extremely clever and useful.

There are several issues here. The iPad has the potential of making the work of a meeting or event planner a bit easier to organize, it also could do the same for av production people, event production companies and more.

Think of having your production time-line on the iPad. Go to a meeting with your client and immediately change what is needed. Keep all the information for the meeting in one place. This is so much smaller, neater, tidier, and less weight then the old Binder. Plus it can be changed easily and synced to your desktop computer in the office.

Talking about it this afternoon we realized that room layouts, specifications, bids, contracts , etc for a production are right there. No more, "oops, I didn't bring that with me."

AND…. it weighs only 1.5 pounds. Not a lot to "schlep" around!

The entry level iPad is $499 with wifi only. The next level is $699 with wifi and 3GS. The internet plans that Apple has negotiated with ATT are phenomenal.

Don't worry, I'm not being paid by Apple. I simply think that this a wonderful device and many steps above the Netbook.

Anyone who has an iPhone will find the iPad very easy to use.

Another feature that I think that I'll love is the ebook capability. You can "turn pages" if you wish. I really love to hold a book in my hand, and this really close enough to satisfy my needs. 

Your Keynote presentation (Apple's presentation application) can be projected right from the iPad.

Check the article by Terence Ronson about the possibilities for hotels. This is a natural for the hospitality and meetings and events industry.

The iPad is Coming to a Hotel Near You! | By Terence Ronson http://ow.ly/120dz

Lastly, if you ever want a superb lesson in how to give a presentation with the use of speech support (whether its Power Point or Keynote) watch Steve Jobs presentation. It's minimalist, no cutesy fonts or weird animations. Very little text, mostly a graphic here and there. 

The type of simple presentation and simple stage set is what we try to teach our clients is the best way to get your concepts across. Too many cutesy fonts, animations, blinking lights will cause confusion and your audience will remember few of the important points if any at all.

I can't wait to hear what folks in my industry say about the iPad and see if they embrace it.

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  • av hire April 14, 2011, 1:04 pm

    iPad brings technology and lifestyle on a different level. With numbers of apps available for download, it makes some tasks easier, effective and cost effective. There will be more application developed in the future to enhance peoples lives and increase productivity.

  • Samue J. Smith February 1, 2010, 3:57 pm

    Hi Pat:
    I am looking forward to meeting you next week in New York!
    Now to the iPad…I agree with you that the iPad will be a revolutionary device. The challenge for most people, including myself, is that it is really hard to imagine that revolution right now – without a device in our hands. So – most people resort to commenting on things that they do understand Flash support, USB drives, iPad, Laptops, etc. When I watched the presentation, I felt like I had to watch closely to the things Steve Jobs said about the “experience” and the “usability” of the device. It was in those moments that I started to see the revolution and the potential to change the way that we interact with technology.
    Anyway, thanks for the post. It is great to read about your thoughts and ideas!
    – Sam

  • Pat Ahaesy January 30, 2010, 1:31 pm

    @partyaficianado – Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. I welcome all comments as I really want to have a conversation, not pontificate.
    Yes, thee is no Flash for this first version, but from what I read, Adobe is working on ways to make its Flash app that works on the iPhone work on the iPad. Its developers are also encouraged to create apps for the iPhone.
    As far as the USB port lack, you’re right. However, there are dongels that will connect to USB so that is taken care of.
    I would love to see a webcam on future models.
    Some bells and whistles not inculded that a few folks are complaining about really don’t belong on the iPad. It was not meant to replace your computer or smartphone.
    I probably won’t be the first to buy one. I’d prefer to wait a bit until any glitches are worked out. Any new product, no matter how wonderful has little wrinkles.
    Summary: the iPad will be a revolutionary device for all especially for event and meeting planners and hoteliers.

  • Partyaficionado January 30, 2010, 8:56 am

    As a recovering early adopter, I would caution planners for jumping on the ipad, at least right now. While I predicted this type of product would be introduced in a post just a few weeks ago for event planners, I must defer to the geeks on this one.
    No USB, Exclusivity with AT&T, and no Adobe Flash support are three very big issues among the tech crowd, and I would think for event planners as well.
    I was honestly underwhelmed by the ipad; maybe because I had a first generation tablet (TC1000).
    I do agree that this product,like the ipad and iphone will get better, and the competition will step up and solve some of the issues I mentioned and then some.
    If you bought the very first ipod, you’ll know what I mean. Take your time and determine all of the things this device should do for you, and do the research. My advice…. wait a little for future versions.