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I understand that Sunday evening's televised Golden Globes event was produced by a major production company. 

It seemed to be well produced, funny emcee, not a lot of excess production numbers and completed in a timely manner.

However, That was for TV.

What about the people in the room? You know, the guests. Of course they attended because they were nominated or part of a television show or film that was nominated and of course, the foreign press.

It appeared to me and to others that the people in the audience were not considered at all. 

To think the celebrities, in their several thousand dollar borrowed
gowns and jewels had to carry umbrellas to protect them from the rain.
If you've ever worn a full length gown you know that an umbrella does
not cut it. Your shoes and the hem of the gown will be wet. No doubt
the heavy rain was not a surprise. Was there no way that at least a
canopied walkway could have been arranged?

Although they were seated at rounds with place settings in front of them I heard the complaint by an attendee being interviewed post-show, that no food was served.

Where was the fire marshall? 

Tables were very close together, allowing only enough room for an anorexic!  When a winning name was called the winner had to weave in and out amongst the seats and squeeze through the tightly spaced seating without any guidance on how best to get to the stage. The celebrities, who generally have good presence, looked confused as to how to navigate the maze.

The fact that it appeared that only 2 staff people were on the floor to guide them didn't help. It was very surprising that there weren't more people to help guide the winners to the stage.

Is it possible that when it is determined that an awards show should be produced for the television audience  that all they think of is that aspect? We know the big money to be raised  is from advertising dollars, but  don't they  give a hoot about the folks who are there? It's the people there that are the reason for the event in the first place!

Safety and Flow

We know budgets are tight everywhere, but the things that were done poorly from a live event perspective should not have been part of the cutbacks as seemed to be the case.

If you've read my blog before you know that when I see that an event has been well produced by a planner or event production company, I praise and praise. Not this time.

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  • Nicole Fiorela January 23, 2010, 4:25 pm

    Great point Pat. I just assumed that dinner was served and the awards were televised after dinner was served. Great point about the canopy in case it rains. I think who ever is in charge cares more about the 50 cameras to shoot the celebrities and forgot their comfort. Good call!