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everyone In the event planning or meeting planning business, large or small
need to build their brand, get publicity, air time, Twitter, Facebook or
Linkedin time, and be found by search engines. Right? Right!

it’s how you go about doing this is what really counts. Let’s look at the now
famous vineyard and winery in Virginia and its owners who allegedly crashed the
Presidential State Dinner. Yes, they’ve received a lot of publicity, been
interviewed on the Today Show, etc.  Maybe some will now seek out their wine, at least for the
moment. Then they’ll be forgotten and what memory we have might be the thought
of “tacky”.  This had nothing to do
with wine but with the couple. Frankly, who cares about them? Maybe she’ll be
on a reality show, but is that who we admire? Is her company one that you would
seek? Probably a “NO” to both questions.

How about
some of the clueless people who sell, sell, sell on the various social media
sites. Social Media, just like good marketing is not shouting at you “Buy from
me.” It’s not about high pressure either.

I’ve made
the analogy that good marketing whether it’s face to face, on the phone or on
Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin is like your grand parents or great grandparents
in rural America or possibly in the local neighborhood of a large city knowing
one another by first names, knowing your kids and your puppy. They didn’t sell
to one another, they helped one another. Perhaps they partnered on a project so
they could do it better together than try to compete and one of them losing out
while the other might have a tough time doing it alone. Another example is
showing someone how to do something. But, you say, “ I’ll lose business!”.  But you won’t in the long run. The
person who you teach, may decide that you obviously are an expert at this and
that you should handle the project. That person was probably pleased to know a
little about how to do something, but now has trust in you and your knowledge.
That person will also remember your openness and recommend you to others.

frightening? Sound the opposite of what your instincts tell you? Try it and

Now, just a
small bit about event production. Event designers are helping their clients
save money by using lighting and less expensive fabrics to make a dynamic
looking event. Of course the use of LED lighting is growing as these lights
take less power. There are fewer flowers and objects, but the results with
lighting are smashing

Hope this helps you market better and produce some great looks at your events.