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9/1/09  was the date of the New York City Primary
Elections and we had decided to vote and get to the office a little late that
day as none of the meetings or events in production had any urgent needs that morning. We had the Today Show on while we were getting ready to leave and heard
Katie Couric exclaim that she had just heard that a plan crashed into one of
the World Trade Center Towers.  No
one quite believed what they heard and my husband, Vince, said to me, “How
could a plane fly into the towers?” Then they showed a picture with some smoke coming from the
side of the tower. We thought that perhaps a small plane had sideswiped the
tower and thought no more about it as we left to vote.


When we were finished voting, we decided to stop for coffee
at a coffee shop close to where we live. It was probably 930 am or 945 am by now and
suddenly we saw droves of people walking up 3rd Avenue. Many were
covered in grey dust. At this point we didn’t know the complete story. We
thought perhaps there was a subway problem.


Next, we stopped by our apartment to pick up some files that
we needed to bring with us, but turned on the television just to see if there
was more going on than we knew. That’s we found out what had really happened!
In complete shock, we were glued to the television and told our part time
assistant not to come in on Wednesday. We felt that things in New York would
still be topsy turvy, which they were.


We were glued to the television and the Internet for the
next two days. During that time we discovered that all the employees of the New
York office, including the principal of one of our client’s perished that day


The last note, but most important one, is that every year, at this time, I remember
that my husband and business partner had an appointment at Windows on the World
to discuss an October event, but the appointment   had been cancelled the day before.