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I follow Brian McGovern, a NYC Event Pro on Twitter as he has the greatest marketing ideas. Simple and straight forward. His ideas are so logical, I always say to myself, "why didn't I think of that!". As I didn't ,here's a Tweet of Brian's that I really like, from the other day.
you produce events, or do you produce results? Companies don't need to
run events, but they need the payoff that events produce.
A good point, wouldn't you agree? How much do you think about the pay off for the client, after the event That's the component that they're measuring in ROI and ROE (Return on Event). This is your selling point for on-going business.

The results don't just happen. You must have as one of your objectives, Return on Event, the Results from the get go in your event planning and event production . I will definitely remember to point out the results that have been produced as a result of P&V Enterprises producing company xyz's event. You should, too.