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Whether your meeting is an internal training or sales
meeting, an awards event or an executive summit, every element of the meeting
should be branded. Of course, we need to do this economically.

For a larger meeting, with a general session the use of
Gobos projecting your brand logo is extremely effective. A rotating Gobo on the
floor of the pre-function area or dance floor adds movement and interest.

The use of tension fabrics with a projected branded Gobo can be used
in many size venues and offers a bit of a theatrical feeling. This is usually
very cost effective.

Of course you know, never to let the video screen appear blank. Your
company or association logo should be there.

Stretch Fabric High Boy Tables covers or 8’ Table covers can
be made in your company color and printed with your logo. You can use these
over and over, meeting to meeting and venue to venue.

Your logo can be a table centerpiece, too. The production
company or your art department can make dimensional logo centerpieces. If made
from Lucite, put an LED battery operated light inside for a glow and drama

Give your production company a copy of your company’s logo
guidelines so they can  see the many
ways that it can be used. They’ll be looking at it in an entirely different way
than you might, as they’ll look at it for projection, banners, linens, etc.

Remember that branding is an extremely important element of
a meeting.  It is an integral part
of ROI.  We should all try to brand
ourselves as well as that little gecko and that darned quacking duck have
branded their companies!