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Most of us probably thought that the wedding couple and their wedding party had the right spirit with their wedding entrance dance. What an unexpected and fun way to begin a wedding and a new life together.  I hope that the couple maintains that bit of fun loving spirit for the rest of their lives.

But…. that makes me think, will this influence corporate or association metings and the opening sessions? More and more opening sessions and closing sessions begin with an entertaining, but appropriate to the theme, segment.
Another but….

More and more, the powers that be are asking for budget cuts. so our thematic uplifting entertainment could be squashed, or can we work in something just as wonderful in a more economical way?
Please, please entertainers, don't bomb my office or home. We do need you, but maybe now we need a combination of professionals and amateurs. Professional entertainers can be a big help here. Think about a fun opening session piece that is entertaining and presented by a professional. Think how corporations keep telling us that they want to bring more services in-house. Right? Why not have various groups within the organization put together a closing module of skits that tie together the message of the meeting. It can be great fun. with dancing and singing.
Not only are we having fun, but we're building a team from within, and re-inforcing the message and its easy on our budget. To be sure that it all works, include a professional or two in the mix. I know that it works as we've done just that.

One last message about this, though. Let your professional event production team produce and direct this element for you so you know that the result will be outstanding, memorable and you'll be patted on the back.