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Green and Lean. Can both words be used in the same thought? It does appear that items used in event production are more expensive than others.These items include conference bags, give aways, decor, and staging.
However, there are ways to produce an event and attempt to be more green and still work within an ever tightening budget.

Staging your event in a theatrical and interesting manner can definitely be expensive and who ever thought about green in this area? Well you can be budget conscious and greener than you have been.

A caveat here; it's difficult to be completely green for every event, but an honest desire to try to be green will result in greening. Taking your budget and some planning you can attain a certain amount of green in most of your events.

One way that my company, P&V Enterprises does this is in the use of set pieces that can be changed around accoridng to stage size and need. The first thing is to attempt to purchase your materials for the set locally. Believe it or not, with a little bit of research you can do this. Sets made of local lumber and natural fabrics,like cotton certainly are green.PPF06
Each rectangular piece can be interchanged, rearranged to create a different look. Add different LED lighting and logo or them gobos and you have a cost effective set that can be used at a multi day conference for general sessions and final dinner. Just move pieces to different aesthetically pleasing forms and voila!

The set pieces can be constructed prior to the event and transproted or can be constructed on site. This depends upon the timeline that you are working with.

Produce and staging a green and lean event is indeed possible. Have fun with it.