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USP –The Universal Selling Proposition.

I previously wrote about this as it’s an important issue for a business. It’s different than your mission statement as it should be the reason that a buyer would buy your product or service. Jokingly, I stated that the USP in our case is us, Pat & Vince. It would be nice to think so, but it’s not just us. It’s what we are able to create. Of course we bring our uniqueness to that creation, but we don’t do it alone.

We have many independent contractors and companies who do superb work for us, such as graphics, writing, audio visual, decor, carpenters, florists, etc.The choice of which of these contractors to use for our event production is dependent upon the event or meeting, the skill set and skill level needed for that particular project.  It’s a type of business model that we had from the very beginning and it’s proved to be a good one. We can produce an event or conference knowing that we have the right people and talent in place to produce the very best event possible.

For two or three years we got sidetracked and didn’t follow our business model and had several employees.  We did exactly what we said we wouldn’t do and it turned out not to be a good idea. We gradually shifted back over a few months to our original business model. Now that the shift is complete we see a tremendous difference in several areas. The first and most important area is our satisfaction. We are, once again, happy with what we’re doing. Secondly, we know that we are producing events that not only make us feel proud, but please our clients. In fact we are able, once again, to over deliver.

Now we’re back to the USP. It’s still based on Pat & Vince, but there’s more, much more that’s important

 We put together not just the best team but the right team to plan, produce and manage an event that effectively meets a client’s objectives.

I think I can explain that as quickly while on an elevator for just one floor!

More soon.