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The Academy Awards new producer created an exciting and glamorous event. It was scripted without too much trivial so-called impromptu comic banter. Instead it gave each nominee his due. What a delightful way to recognize the nominees, with respect and a little humor.
Now we're trying to be creative and see how to produce a corporate event that's glamorous and exciting but on a corporate budget.
Perhaps I can use Hugh Jackman's "budget" set for the opening as an event production inspiration! Cardboard boxes and all.
Seriously, there are many ways to produce an event with excitement and glamour without spending a ton of money. Poking fun as Jackman did, enables you to spend less and look it because it's all inf "fun". Not a bad idea.
Of course, I don't believe that the Academy Awards were produced on a shoestring budget. Do you? Let's start with the crystal curtain!