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Reading posts on the MeCo list today it seems that Travel Directors are not getting the calls. It seems that it's not just slower, but almost at a stall.
I would have thought that Travel Directors would be in demand as in house planners get laid off. Or, are that many programs are being canceled? Are the programs being so diminished, that someone in house is ordering the program basics and everything is pared down to basics? Or nothing at all?

Will President Obama's stimulus package help our event and meeting planning industry, or the entire hospitality industry at all? This seems to be a sector that is forgotten about.

Having a conference is generally to educate. Educating ones staff is important, whether for sales or learning about a new product. It's also important to bring people to gether to "bond" and to know that a bit about the financial health of their company.

Staff needs to be recognized and rewarded. Can't do that in a teleconference.
Well, sure you can, but that's pretty anti-climatic i would think.

This is not to say that one needs to be extravagant.There are so many ways to plan a conference or an event that are cost effective. Recently posted a short piece about timing of an event, by day or season. Another important thing is to keep your program within the times that you have that space contracted so you don't go into overtime. That could be very painful to your pocketbook.

How to be sure that your event starts and finishes on time?

1. Minute by minute
2. Well written script
3. Rehearsal – both tech and anyone who has to be on that stage or front of the room
5. The best stage director or stage manager that you can afford. This person will be of great value in getting you finished on time
6. The best production and management team that you can afford. Same reason.
You want a seamless event that is cost effective and give you a return on your objective.

More another day.