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A new year; a new administration. What will that mean for meetings and events.

AT P&V Enterprises, we are optomistic. Like many event production companies, some  of our cients' events were cancelled for 2009. The reason? Perception. Certain corporations felt that it didn't look "right" to celebrate or honor. Others, of course, have asked, that their events be a bit subdued. The latter is a good idea, the former, not such a good idea. Feeling this way is not just self interest, but I honestly feel that companies must still bring team spirit to their employees, train them about new products, new ideas. Top performers should be rewarded and recognized. Although it's great for us to produce events with a lot of production value, we can effectively produce scaled back rewarding events that meet the objectives of the stake holder. The caveat here, is that to do this  requires planner and production company working as a strategic partner. The production or management company will need to be brought to the table earlier than in the past in order to strategize and thus produce the outcome that is needed.

Event production doesn't always mean over the top, but what it does always mean is strategic planning to produce a seamless event .

With that said, where do you scale down and yet achieve the objective of the event? 

With a budget cutback in mind, can we achieve "green" meetings and events?

In the next several days I will be blogging about ideas to achieve return on objective for event productions that include cost savings and "greening"

I'm open to hearing ideas from everyone as I think that we have a real opprotunity in 2009 to achieve a new level in event and meeting planning and production as we take careful consideration of budgeting and "green" .