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The Sagamore Hotel on Lake George, up state New York is closing for the Winter and will re-open in he Spring. It is a beautiful venue for a retreat and events. We wish them a boutniful Spring and onward.
This seems to be a trend, with many seasonal resorts closing for the winter off season or cutting back tremendously. Some are laying off employees until next season or putting them on part time status, say 3 days a week. I feel that trying to keep employees on staff, even if for a couple of days a week is helpful. What are people to do in the event planning and hospitality industries to do until the new season comes around and the economy stops its free fall? Budget events may not be an answer to some as there are companies that are fearful of holding an event or meeting for fear of their being looked at as a wasteful company. What these companies don't realize is the affect that it has on all the vendor companies and their staffs and the companies that the vendor companies use as vendors, etc., etc.

We in the event and meeting planning world need to work together to help those companies get over this misconception.