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Most of us in the events and meetings industry are noticing a difference in the marketplace; either cancelled events or conferences or tremendously scaled down .
We need to reach out to our current clients and offer to strategize with them. Don't push to sell to them, but offer to strategize to help attain their ROI and ROO.
So reach out to your current clients first. Clearly there will continue to be cancelled meetings or events, but working with your clients in this way may help to lessen that effect.

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  • Maja Leibovitz December 20, 2008, 5:55 pm

    I absolutely agree with that. One thing to add towards the scaling down and being cognizant of tight budgetes, a meeting I had recently where there was no budgeting to outsource to event companies or more staffing, the suggestion was to work on third party commission so the numbers would go up for the client internally but the reports won’t show it going up for something that isn’t approved in the budget allocation, rather it would show vendors and venues on report line items. The only thing that deters me from this is that IATA number which I don’t have so I will have to avoid those places that require it unless it is absolutely perfect for the client.
    I know many do this and I’ve never gone this route but with this being a high end client and having more than 50 events a year (arbitrary number but pretty darn close), it’s definitely something I’m willing to try.