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Whether you’ve been planning or producing events for years or are new in this business, I’m sure that the economic fallout has you very concerned. you definitely should be concerned, but sitting in a corner worrying about it is not the right approach. A couple of suggestions

  • Buy fresh flowers or a plant for your desk
  • Write down one or two positive thoughts. Now, now, you can think of some. Perhaps a famous inspirational quote.Real Simple Magaine has a Thought of the Day that you can subscribe to.
  • Look back at events that you’ve worked on this past year
  • Write down what you feel were the positives of each event
  • Write down how your solved various problems for your clients
  • Don’t dwell on any negatives about your events or your company
  • Write down a couple of great ideas for an event,  a better solution to room set up, a way to engage guests, etc.

Keep these ideas in a file folder either on your real desk top or your computer desktop

Call (not email) your clients simply to say "hello" and that you’re calling just to stay in touch.
Mention the positive things and the great ideas that you wrote down about what you’ve done.