Have You Received Emails Like This?

by Pat Ahaesy on March 9, 2015

Have you ever received an email with a personal salutation, that begins like this?

”Thank you for visiting our booth at The XYZ Show last month.”



That’s an email that I’ll delete rather quickly.

When I attend a tradeshow I am selective about which exhibitors that I visit. I prefer to visit exhibitors that have a product or service that I either have used, do use or might use in the future. I also like to chat with exhibitors to learn something new. It’s also a great way for me to begin a relationship so when the time comes, my company is not a complete stranger.

Why do exhibitors send out emails and sometimes catalogs to everyone that was registered? It seems odd to me, so I have no answer.

However, if I were exhibiting, I would use a lead retrieval system, either one that is rented from the tradeshow company or an app on my iPhone. Then I would have real leads with whom to follow up.

Makes sense, doesn’t’ it!

coming-together-is-a-beginning-keeping-together-is-progress-working-303 Simple Tips for Working With Your Event Services Vendors

1- Make the vendor part of your team.
2- Communicate clearly and often
3- Be responsive

Ask me how we can be part of your team!


Webcasting and Face to Face Meetings

by Pat Ahaesy on February 13, 2015

As a meeting planner you are probably adept at successfully planing  face to face meetings. However, are you adept at Hybrid Meetings? Webcasting? I don’t mean becoming a techie, but as a planner will you be able to help plan correctly so that your webcasting partner  can produce a quality engaging webcast? Will you be able to assure that the face to face part is also engaging?  Neither the face to face or the webcast should look or feel like the poor sister.

The face to face event should have the highest level of production that you can afford within your budget. The webcast should also  have the highest level of production that you can afford within your budget.

A conference or event with excellent content, planning and quality production that is webcast by a provider that also has these qualities affords you the opportunity of extending your reach and  making new customers or members feel included. You are now in the delightful position to grow your conference, your company or association.

5 Tips For A Successful Hybrid Event

by Pat Ahaesy on January 20, 2015

You have read, no doubt about the state of the economy. According to the NY Times article on January 19, 2014, by Patricia Cohen , the Oxfam Study Finds Richest 1% Is Likely to Control Half of Global Wealth by 2016

What does that have to do with this blog? Plenty!! When the Great recession was at its height in 2008, many meetings and events were either canceled or downsized. This had nothing to do with content, but with the economy. Many companies did not want to spend money on conferences, or they wanted to spend a whole lot less. In addition, companies and associations didn’t want to spend the money to send their staff or members to conferences. Possible international attendees couldn’t attend due to time away from their desks as well as rising costs of travel. This is still the case.

Recently we managed event registration for a medical conference. Registration was up by over 20%, but dues to the Ebola crisis, about 10% of those registered had to stay home and tend to the crisis.

What is the solution to all of this? Stream the conference live and on demand (a hybrid event), to enable all constituents to attend.   This will not eat into your attendance, but will increase attendance and your bottom line.

Webcasts will unite your worldwide or nationwide staff or membership. A webcast extends your reach.

With the technology and stability of webcasting having greatly improved, webcasting your conference or special event is important.

Here are 5 tips to help you make your webcast event a success:

1-    Webcasting or hybrid events drive attendance. Your virtual audience will get a taste of the outstanding content that is delivered and will no doubt attend in person the next time if they can.

2-    Engage your virtual audience with text chats, Twitter Chats, etc. You must have a moderator to facilitate this in order to keep inappropriate comments offline and to help seed the conversation if needed. Depending upon the session and the presenter, some sessions could be made interactive

3-    Of course, your content must be worthwhile.

4-    Be sure to consider your face-to-face audience as well as the virtual audience. Be sure that your presenters understand that they will be seen and heard, worldwide via an internet streamed broadcast.

5-    Have a team that understands the virtual meeting component and works on that and interfaces with the webcast technology partner, so the face to face meeting receives full attention of the planning staff.

You , your team and your company or association will be thrilled when you see the results of a well planned and executed hybrid event.

See the following short examples of webcasts that were produced by P&V Enterprises:

PNVWebcasts Highlights

PNVWebcasts Demo

Contact info@pnventerprises.com to set up a no obligation conference call.

Is there such a thing as too much planning and preparation for an event or conference?

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5 Tips For a Seamless Event

by Pat Ahaesy January 5, 2015

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Tips on Venue Selection For Meeting Planners

by Pat Ahaesy December 23, 2014

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Some Interesting Webcasting Horror Stories

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Event Production & Logistics Planning & Management

by Pat Ahaesy December 8, 2014

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7 Tips For Better Association Meetings

by Pat Ahaesy November 11, 2014

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