Some Interesting Webcasting Horror Stories

by Pat Ahaesy on December 16, 2014

While reading the MeetingsNet website, I saw an article about some Webcasting disasters.
None had to do with the things that you would think about for a face to face meeting, except for one.

You may have heard horror stories about a speaker that has been mic’ed up going to the restroom with an un-muted mic. Need I say more? This is one of the horror stories in the article. Although, we’ve not experienced that occurrence, it does happen. How to prevent it? Ask your speakers to take a potty break before they are mic’ed for their presentation. If that doesn’t seem feasible be sure to have your audio tech mute the mic for them. Not everyone knows how to do that correctly, so it’s best to have the tech take charge.

Here’s a link to the story with the other horrors. 5 Real-Life Webcast Nightmares, and 5 Sure-Fire Tips | MeetingsNet


Event Production & Logistics Planning & Management

by Pat Ahaesy on December 8, 2014

Event Production and Logistics take a considerable amount of time to manage effectively.

So many wait until the last minute to actually plan their events and often these are fairly good sized ones. Three are a lot of moving parts to any event and not planning ahead can cause problems and higher costs.

By planning ahead and creating a production timeline helps you see what you may have neglected to consider. It also gives you time to talk with your event services vendor partners and massage the proposals submitted for the best outcome for your event.

Waiting till the last minute may force you to take what you get rather than what you want and need.



7 Tips For Better Association Meetings

by Pat Ahaesy on November 11, 2014

Anyone involved with associations knows how important it is for member retention that the annual conference is not only well attended, but that members have an outstanding experience.  As MPI (Meeting Professionals International( recently published “7 Tips for Better Association Meetings” in their monthly magazine, The Meeting Professional. The following 7 tips are excellent and a good guide to strategically adjust to the changing association landscape. Lots of food for thought here.

  1. Start With the Goals- what are you trying to achieve
  2. Consider Less Programming – Yes, give them a little down time to catch up on emails, check in with family, etc.
  3. Mix up Session Styles – Vary the length of sessions,  vary the room set up. Maybe a session or two could a Ted Talk Style.
  4. Use Technology To Adjust in Real Time – via event apps
  5. Be Family Friendly – Many folks will want to bring family to help with their work-life balance. Plan some activities around families, make it easy for family activities while the attendee is in sessions.
  6. Don’t Fear Virtual – “The hybrid event – an in person meeting with a virtual component for people who can’t attend is actually helping meeting planners increase engagement and boost numbers for future events”.
  7. Deliver What The Association Uniquely Needs – It may be education, networking,  etc.

To read the entire article, 7 Tips for Better Association Meetings

To see more about #6


One Meeting-Two Ways to Distribute Information

by Pat Ahaesy on November 4, 2014

One Meeting-Two Ways to Distribute Information

Of course, content is always king.

With that said, assuming that your conference or seminar has excellent content of interest to your group, we’ll go to the next step: A Hybrid Event.

Think about your successful conferences. Good attendance, good feedback. But why not have more?

A Hybrid event allows you to produce one conference, but with a bit of extra planning, to expand your audience.

If your company holds annual or semi-annual sales meetings, a percentage of your sales force either won’t qualify for the meeting or simply are unable to take the time away from family to attend.   If those people could attend virtually, they would reap most of the benefits of the live meeting.

What if your association members come from all over the USA or possibly globally? A good percentage may not be able to attend for a variety of reasons and because of that may not feel that they’re really part of the organization. How to make those folks feel that they are part of the group? Webcast your conference and make it interactive. The ROI that you achieve will surprise you.


Would Selfies Fit Into a Corporate or Association Conference?

by Pat Ahaesy October 30, 2014

Would Selfies fit into a corporate or association conference? Maybe! Although the Selfie has been way overdone, the idea would fit into certain corporate or association conferences. Years ago, many multi day conferences ended with a Final Night Farewell Gala. Most of the time as the event technical producers, we would produce a “Candids Module” […]

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7 Questions For Meeting Planners When Contracting Audio Visual

by Pat Ahaesy October 16, 2014

  Here Are 7  Questions You Should Ask Yourself : What is the purpose of your meeting? How big an audience do you anticipate? Will there be solo speakers, panels? Will there be Q&A? Will you be showing any videos or PowerPoints? Will there be more than one session in the room Will there be […]

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How To Signal Your Gala or Lunch Guests That They May Begin Eating

by Pat Ahaesy October 8, 2014

When your lunch or gala dinner has a plated salad or appetizer, pre-set, do you notice that most people are hesitant to begin eating for fear of being impolite? Frankly, this should not happen, ever! Here are some ways to avoid that awkward moment: Emcee, Host or Voiceover person announces, “please enjoy your meal” or […]

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Top Reasons For Virtual Meetings

by Pat Ahaesy September 25, 2014

According to an MPI Study: 1- Cost Savings 2. Reduce Time out of office 3. No attendee travel budget 4. Keep a meeting that would be canceled due to budget 5. Conference 6. Information-sharing across multiple markets 7. Global Business Operations 8. Business Continuity 9. Reduce travel demands on executives 10. Support last-minute meetings   […]

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Four Most Hilarious Event Management Stories

by Pat Ahaesy September 23, 2014

Four Most Hilarious Event Management Stories Years ago, a client handled their own pre-registration and on site check in staffing. However, one day, their staff had a bad full of badges in holders and literally dumped them on the check in table just as attendees were starting to line up. We asked the attendees to […]

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Why Did The Apple Webcast Fail?

by Pat Ahaesy September 16, 2014

If you watched or attempted to watch the Apple Webcast you were probably disappointed as the broadcast would either freeze or cut out entirely. Biz Bash published an interview with various tech luminaries that had some excellent insights.. The team here at P&V Enterprises consists of techies, creative and production people.  We have this […]

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