Questions For Meeting Planners


Here Are 7  Questions You Should Ask Yourself :

  1. What is the purpose of your meeting?
  2. How big an audience do you anticipate?
  3. Will there be solo speakers, panels?
  4. Will there be Q&A?
  5. Will you be showing any videos or PowerPoints?
  6. Will there be more than one session in the room
  7. Will there be a need for wi-fi?

Having these answers to give to your audio visual supplier or technical production company will help you to achieve what you need. Sometimes planners will over do what they ask for because they haven’t asked themselves these questions. That’s bad for your budget! Conversely, sometimes a planner will ask for less than they should to save money, but that usually ends up with a less desirable outcome.

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Waiting to EatWhen your lunch or gala dinner has a plated salad or appetizer, pre-set, do you notice that most people are hesitant to begin eating for fear of being impolite?

Frankly, this should not happen, ever! Here are some ways to avoid that awkward moment:

  • Emcee, Host or Voiceover person announces, “please enjoy your meal” or something similar.
  • If appropriate a benediction is given.
  • Short entertainment piece
  • A visual projection reading “Please enjoy your meal”

There never should be that awkward time, or should it be followed by a member of the committee coming to the stage and making the announcement to begin eating. All you will hear is a lot of clanking of forks as a result and an even more awkward moment.

Good savvy event planning. The solution is so simple isn’t it!



Top Reasons For Virtual Meetings

by Pat Ahaesy on September 25, 2014

According to an MPI Study:

1- Cost Savings

2. Reduce Time out of office

3. No attendee travel budget

4. Keep a meeting that would be canceled due to budget

5. Conference

6. Information-sharing across multiple markets

7. Global Business Operations

8. Business Continuity

9. Reduce travel demands on executives

10. Support last-minute meetings


Here’s a link to a hilarious video about conference calls.

Four Most Hilarious Event Management Stories

by Pat Ahaesy on September 23, 2014

Four Most Hilarious Event Management Stories

  • Years ago, a client handled their own pre-registration and on site check in staffing. However, one day, their staff had a bad full of badges in holders and literally dumped them on the check in table just as attendees were starting to line up. We asked the attendees to check in for the conference in 30 minutes. We had not been involved with aspect of registration, but after seeing that, we decided that we should Pre-registration and on site check in are both critical to the success of an event.
  • Another hilarious event management story occurred when we were producing a high level awards event. The chair person’s nephew was selected to sing the National Anthem of Israel to open the evening. Our director asked him to sit by the door for his entrance about 5-10 minutes in advance. No problem, right? Well, 5 minutes before he was to go on, he was no longer there! Various staff searched and searched. I was on headset, and we all decided that the emcee would ask everyone to stand and sing the anthem. Everyone sang. It was a wonderful moment believe it or not as everyone was quite emotional while singing. Right after that, the young man appeared and told us that he had gotten sick to his stomach (stage fright) and had been in the bathroom throwing up!!
  • We were producing an outdoor tented event and the off stage emcee during rehearsal, had a bee fly into his moth. The resulting sting was so uncomfortable, as one would imagine, that he was forced to ask to be excused from the event. Fortunately we had a back up plan.
  • At another large awards ceremony, one of the honorees, needed to use a wheelchair to get to the stage. However, right in the middle of the awards, he got up and walked off the stage!

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