Why Did The Apple Webcast Fail?

by Pat Ahaesy on September 16, 2014

If you watched or attempted to watch the Apple Webcast you were probably disappointed as the broadcast would either freeze or cut out entirely. Biz Bash published an interview with various tech luminaries that had some excellent insights..  http://ow.ly/BzBHu

The team here at P&V Enterprises consists of techies, creative and production people.  We have this blend as that’s who we are, but we also feel that this is an important component in producing successful webcasts.  We need to understand the production of a live event as well as the technology of webcasting. Although they are separate disciplines they need to be well coordinated for success.

The team discussed the Apple Webcast and had some additional thoughts about the cause of the problems.

  1. Make sure the people you use to produce every part of your webcast have the knowledge and experience in the specific task they’re doing, and not somebody from a different discipline learning on the fly
  2. Don’t throw elements in at the last minute without testing on the network.
  3. See #2.
  4. No, seriously, see #2.





How To Develop An Event Theme

by Pat Ahaesy on September 10, 2014

Creating a theme for your event may sound easy and possibly a bit trite, but, frankly, done right, it’s not easy. It is also important to get this right.

Although, my company, P&V Enterprises is 20 years old, I continue to read and re-read sections of important event planning texts. One of my favorites is “Professional Event Coordination” by Julia Rutherford Silvers. She states on page164, quoting from PIne and Gilmore, that the word “theme” is traced to the Greek “thema”, denoting “the place” or “something placed”. They contend that “experiences occur in places, and the best of thoe places are themed.” They propose that there are five principles for developing a theme:
1. It must alter a guest’s sense of reality
2. IT must affect the experience of space, time, and matter
3. It must integrate space,time, and matter into a cohesive realistic whole
4. It is strengthened by creating multiple places within a place
5. It must fit the character of the enterprise staging the experience

They also assert,”The theme must drive all the design elements and staged events of the experience toward a unified storyline that wholly captivates the customer”.

With the above in mind, if there is a real message and content, using a theme that is trendy or seems “cool” to you, probably isn’t the best way to go.
Therefore sit down and think this through, so your theme and the resulting event or conference results are positive. Think of what was in the list. Think what technologies could be used to exemplify the theme. Would augmented reality work? Would it be more interesting to use Prezi for some presentations rather than PowerPoint or Keynote? Will your theme and its implementation fit the character of your stakeholders? Would creating the multiple places within a place work with the style of breakouts or groupings in one large meeting room? Would streaming all or just certain portions of the conference be advantageous?

Finally, think carefully that you do have a unified storyline so it won’t be confusing and giving your attendees mixed messages.

Questions? Let’s talk!


Do You Wear Too Many Hats?

by Pat Ahaesy on September 3, 2014

  Did you ever read “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins” by Dr. Seuss when you were a kid?

the-500-hats-of-bartholomew-cubbins   Meeting and Event professionals wear a lot of hats. In addition to content, venue selection food and beverage planning, , contracts, logistics, registration, audiovisual etc., etc., a planner must have an overall understanding of technology. One doesn’t need to be an IT person, exactly, but understand enough to find out what technology is the right technology solution for your needs.Many_Hats_Photo.224143453_std

  • This is not always straight forward, we know, so we suggest that in addition to scouring the internet, looking at various forums like Google Groups, The Meetings Community (Meco), the Meetings Industry Forum (Miforum) , various LInkedin and Facebook Groups, that you reach out to your local colleagues in MPI, PCMA or ISES.
  • We were fortunate to attend two technology meetings face-to-face events in the past month. The first was Plan Your Meetings and the second was Techsy Talk. After meeting vendors and hearing presentations, it became much easier to sort out what our company may need and what we would want to suggest to our clients.
  • Bottom line, keep searching for those answers and don’t be afraid to chat with fellow planners and with vendors. You would be amazed at how much you can learn and increase your comfort level with technology.

We know that cheapest event planning service is not necessarily the best. But, how do you determine the best? Is an event planner considered the best because he receives a ton of publicity? Is he the best because he produces or manages an enormous number of events? Is the event planning company the best because of the prestige of their clients? The answer is a Yes and also No.  Just because someone knows how to generate great PR, doesn’t actually reflect on the quality of his or her services. Nor do producing hundreds of events per year or having produced an event or two for some prestigious names. What, I feel, is the best, is the planning or management company that listens to you and what your are trying to achieve. They will listen to you when you explain your budgeting concerns. A good sign is If the firm, whether large or small seem to “get it” after meeting with you. Another guide is that you will have one primary person with whom to work and that the person is the lead planner, producer or manager for your event.

10 Reasons Why Looking For The Least Expensive Meeting or Event Planning Services Is Not A Good Option

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Event Proposals and Good Business Relationships

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3 Factors That Affect Webcasting and Your Hybrid Event

by Pat Ahaesy July 30, 2014

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Get Out of Your Zipcode

by Pat Ahaesy July 16, 2014

Recently, we decided to go to a favorite part of New York City that we don’t get to as often as we like. It’s called “Alphabet City” and it’s East of the East Village. Yes, the North-South streets are Avenues A, B and C. Walking around there is so different from the part of New […]

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Did You Know That You Can Market Your Business With An Event?

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